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Written by Gary   
Saturday, 07 June 2008
ImageHerdez Salsa Verde Bottled

3/5 - Good

Heat: Mild

Herdez Corporation, made in Mexico. Ingredients:  tomatillos, onions, serrano peppers, iodized salt and cilantro.  All natural, free of preservatives. So different from regular salsa it's almost "just wrong" to compare the two.  It is an excellent substitute or companion for regular salsa for chicken fajitas or enchiladas, etc. Actually it is vaguely reminiscent of "Green" enchilada sauce usually made with green chilies and sometimes containing green tomatoes.  You can't get much better in my experience. This is definitely "fresh" bottled with a mild-medium hotness!  It does have a mild "vinegary" wang.  Rating 3-4 depending on the use.

herdez salsa verde

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Dox  - comment ok   |2010-02-02 05:22:27
Just had this. Pretty watery and bland. I threw what I poured into a container
in the trash and will throw the 1/2 bottle that's in the fridge out as well. Not
that good. I notice I generally don't like green salsas.
denise  - greaat   |2010-02-25 08:55:33
I really liked your salsa, and was very happy to see that it had
ingredients that were few, and one I can eat. Just wondering.....is this product
gluten free???? If so you should lable it as, and a Lot of people will try it,
and perhaps boost sales...thanks again for the product you make!!!!

Shelli Houge  - Cook with it....   |2011-07-13 00:30:05
I love this product! I have never tried it with chips, but slice some tri-tip
very thin add olive oil, cumin, garlic powder or whatever spices you want in a
bowl. Saute in hot pan w/a little olive oil really quick; just cooked through -
put it in a clean bowl with some Herdez salsa verde and cilantro mix. Cook up
some corn sliders(mini tortillas), heat the meat mix in the micro for a minute
to re-warm stuff the shells with meat mix and some grated cheese - AMAZING!!!
Judy  - GREAT Product!   |2011-09-22 15:07:50
LOVE this product! I'm a good cook and can appreciate quality, and this product
is just that. Hate THICK salsas, just hate them...this one is perfect for many
different uses, and the flavor is spot on.
Frank  - Good fresh taste!   |2012-09-20 08:44:05
Love this stuff! Unlike the comment above I like the fresh taste and the fact
that it is not thick and gloppy. What is it with that!??? I'm tired of all the
american salsas that are so intense and dark. This is what real mexican salsa
is like. I buy it in the big cans at walmart- much cheaper like that.
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